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Practice Test

The CELS® test is divided into two sections: listening and reading. This sample test provides an overview of the test's format and offers sample questions that you can find in each section. However, please note that this is not a complete, full-length test. Completing this practice test should take approximately 20 minutes.


In this part of the test, you will hear a teacher talking to a class. After you hear the passage, you will answer some questions about what you heard. Fill in the correct circle on your answer sheet.

Audio Transcript

What are the two types of twins mentioned?
a) Identical and fraternal
b) Identical and triplets
c) Fraternal and quadruplets
How do identical twins differ from fraternal twins?
a) They have different DNA
b) They develop from separate eggs.
c) They share the same DNA.
What are the two types of twins mentioned?
a) Enhanced physical abilities.
b) A special bond and their own ways of communication.
c) Strong preference for different hobbies.

Reading - Section 1

Read each sentence. Then choose the best answer to complete the sentence. Fill in the correct circle on your answer sheet.

Can you help me _____ this heavy box? It's too difficult for me to lift alone.
a) carry
b) push
c) pull
d) check
The weather forecast says it will be _____ tomorrow, so don't forget to bring an umbrella.
a) pouring
b) boiling
c) shining
d) freezing
I need to _____ some money from the bank before we go shopping.
a) deposit
b) withdraw
c) lend
d) owe
The doctor prescribed some _____ to help with the pain.
a) therapy
b) exercise
c) surgery
d) medicine
I need to _____ my passport before I can travel internationally
a) renew
b) cancel
c) apply
d) book
We should _____ a reservation at the restaurant if we want to guarantee a table
a) take
b) call
c) make
d) give
The movie we watched last night was so _____. It kept us on the edge of our seats
a) thrilling
b) boring
c) predictable
d) relaxing
I'm planning to _____ a language course to improve my English skills
a) quit
b) skip
c) postpone
d) enroll

Reading - Section 2

Read passage and answer each question. Fill in the correct circle on your answer sheet.

"Being famous is a common aspiration for many people. It offers recognition, wealth, and exciting opportunities. However, there are also challenges that come with fame. One advantage of being famous is gaining widespread recognition. People know who you are, which can open doors to various opportunities. It also provides a platform to influence others positively. Nevertheless, fame can be demanding. Privacy becomes limited as the public and media closely scrutinize your every move. The constant spotlight can be overwhelming, leaving little room for personal space or downtime. Building and maintaining genuine relationships can be challenging due to trust issues and superficial connections. Furthermore, the pressure to maintain success and meet high expectations is intense. Failures and mistakes can be magnified by the public eye, affecting one's mental well-being. The quest for fame can also be isolating, as true connections with others may become harder to find. In conclusion, while being famous has its perks such as recognition and opportunities, it also brings challenges like loss of privacy, constant scrutiny, and high pressure to succeed. It is important for individuals to carefully consider the trade-offs before pursuing fame."

What is one advantage of being famous?
a) Increased recognition and wealth
b) Enhanced privacy and personal space
c) Limited opportunities for growth
d) Decreased pressure to succeed
What is a challenge of being famous?
a) Difficulty in maintaining genuine relationships
b) Lack of public attention and scrutiny
c) Positive impact on mental well-being
d) Enhanced privacy and personal space
How does fame affect privacy?
a) It increases privacy and personal space.
b) It decreases public scrutiny and media attention.
c) It magnifies every move and invades privacy.
d) It eliminates the need for trust and genuine connections.
What can the pressure to maintain success lead to?
a) Positive impact on mental well-being
b) Reduced expectations and public scrutiny
c) Overwhelming recognition and wealth
d) Negative impact on mental well-being
What should individuals consider before seeking fame?
a) The limited opportunities and recognition it provides
b) The decreased pressure and expectations involved
c) The high expectations and scrutiny that come with fame
d) The increased privacy and personal space they will have