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About CELS®

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The CELS ® TEST evaluates the English language proficiency of secondary school students in both social and academic contexts, with a predominant focus on academic language. The test measures reading comprehension and listening comprehension skills. The operational definition of "academic language" is the language used in educational services in schools.

Concept of academic language

Based on research conducted to develop the CELS® TEST, the concept of "academic language" encompasses the following:

  • School Vocabulary - words and expressions used for school-related activities
  • Content Management Language - the general academic language used to discuss academic tasks and class content (e.g., discussion, explanation, and comparison).
  • Domain-Specific Language - a specialized academic language used to express ideas in content areas (e.g., communication, migration, slope, molecule).
  • Academic Language Skills - language skills underlying academic tasks or activities (e.g., explaining facts and ideas, distinguishing differences).
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